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The Malecite, which is made in the USA, is available with wood oraluminum gunwales. It costs about $2,970 for the wood-gunwale version, puttingit at the upper end of the price spectrum in the canoeing world.--Stephen Regenold writes about outdoors gear at.An Australian company has developed a new, Earth-friendly way to dispose of human corpses, New Scientist reports. Aquamation, a process where the body is placed in a steel container with potassium and water heated to about 200-degrees Fahrenheit, decomposes the replica Tag Heuer CAF2110.BA0809 Men's Watch body in four hours and uses 10 percent of the energy of cremation. As an added bonus, aquamation, unlike cremation, wont destroy artificial implants, it possible to reuse them.John Humphries, chief executive of Aquamation Industries in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia told New Scientist that the watery remains make a fantastic fertilizer.--Erin BeresiniPhoto courtesy of Roberto Verzo on Flickr.

The searcher avoided money, work, and societal expectations, dreaming of becoming a painter while traversing the Sierras and Four Corners region. His existential journey has drawn comparisons to that of Chris McCandless, the 24-year-old super tramp who disappeared in the Alaskan wilderness in 1992. Outsides Jon Krakauer rehashes Reusss story in a section of his book best-selling book Into the Wild.Like McCandless, the replica Tag Heuer CAF2112.BA0809 Men's Watch charismatic and captivating Ruess delved deeper into the wilderness each year, sending home eloquent letters and paintings. In one letter he wrote: As to when I shall visit civilization, it will not be soon, I think.

Waves six feet tall and as thick as doublewides piled up at Teahupoo this week at the Air Tahiti Nui Vonzipper Trials, the leadup to The Billabong Pro Tahiti. Local surfer Taumata Puhetini guaranteed himself a spot in the ASP event after winning the trials. Hell take on the likes of Jordy Smith, Kelly Slater, and Mick Fanning. To see replica Tag Heuer CK1111.BA0328 Men's Watch whats in store for next week, check out some highlights and wipeouts from the trials in the video above. The event startsnext Monday, August 23rd and can be viewed on a live webcast. For more on the favorites, check out Transworld Surf.nday, August 23.--Joe Springjoespring

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The Matrix watch makes a beautiful gift as it comes in a nice aluminium box and is made from tough stainless steel. At the business end of the watch the display is laid out into a grid that comes live with seventy two LED’s that display the time in a binary just to make it a little bit more interesting. Watch InformationPart Number: m282Clasp: locking expandable with push button releaseCase material: Stainless and glassCase Thickness: 0.4Band material: Stainless SteelBand length: AdjustableBand width: 0.75Dial colour: replica Tag Heuer WAF2110.BA0806 Men's Watch blackface and blue ledCalendar: DigitalItem-weight: 7.04 OuncesMovement: ElectronicGuarantee Type: 1 yearPriced at $39.99

The disappearance of artist, environmentalist, and writer Everett Ruess has been a mystery for 75 years, until now. Breaking a 37-year silence, an elderly Navajo man, Aneth Nez, revealed his story of apparently witnessing a homicide and burying Ruess at Chinle Wash near the Utah-Arizona state border in 1934, according to the Los Angeles replica Tag Heuer WAB1120.BB0802 Men's Watch Times. The remains were excavated by Ron Maldonado, a Navajo Nation archaeologist, and later sent to Dennis Van Gerven, who confirmed it was Ruesss body.In 1930, Ruess left his home of Los Angeles with nothing but a set of watercolors, camera, and journal.

It reduces weight by a few pounds compared to the Malecitesprevious outer coat. The company says the new Malecite sheds pounds andgains knots compared to the conventional composite version.The boat is about 35 inches wide at its max. Standardfeatures for the 2011 Malecite include cane-contoured bow seats and a contouredyoke. replica Tag Heuer WAF111Z.BA0801 Men's Watch For long trips to places like the Boundary Waters CanoeArea, the Malecite has the capacity for 850 pounds of people and gear. Butemptied out at a portage, the boat hoists up easily overhead, likely lightereven at its long length than the backpacks brought for such a trip.

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High ozone days are a no-go. Check AirNow.gov for the daily air quality rating of your city to determine if theres a high probability that pollutants will irritate your lungs.5. Exercise early in the morning. Not having the sun beating down on you is a plus, and the temperatures are usually the coolest they can get at that time. So get up and go--and take a replica Tag Heuer WAF2112.BA0806 Men's Watch nap later.If youre not feeling great, check yourself for these signs of heat exhaustion: nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, headache, dizziness, weakness and fatigue.--Erin BeresiniPhoto courtesy Tobyotter on Flickr.

This is a nice looking watch that gives the impression of being tough and rugged; it is assumed that is the case. It is a LCD digital watch with extras, like the ability to be programmed with the tide charts for up to two hundred beaches for the next fifteen replica Tag Heuer WAF1112-FT8009 Men's Watch years, which has to be ideal for surfers etc. Features:Movement:Custom Digital With Pre-Programmed Tide Charts For 200 Beaches For The Next 15 Years, Dual Time, Alarm, Countdown Timer, Wave Counter, Chrono And Light.Case:Custom 100 Meter Titanium With Hardened Mineral Crystal.Band:Custom Injected Polyurethane With Patented Locking Looper.Priced at $119

By Stephen RegenoldMad River founder Jim Henry built the first Malecitecanoe in 1971. For 2011, the classic canoe design gets an update and a newhull.The Malecite, a 16.5-foot boat, is made to handle flatwater as well as currents. It tracks straight but has a moderate rocker forriver control. Using a new hull material and a special gel coat, the company() has skimmed the Malecite to a feathery 43 pounds.The hull, a composite lay-up of replica Tag Heuer WAF1111.BA0801 Men's Watch multiple materials,includes Kevlar, fiberglass, foam, and carbon sandwiched together to make aproprietary shell. It balances stiffness, abrasion-resistance, strength, andease of repair, according to the company.Further, a pigment-free gel coat is used as the outerlayer on the hull.

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A new study says that every year, about 10,000 US high school athletes suffer from heat-related illnesses that require medical attention, CNN reports. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the overwhelming majority of these replica Tag Heuer waf1120.bb0807 Men's Watch illnesses, like heat stroke and severe dehydration, occur in August. But high schoolers arent the only athletes suffering from this summers extreme temperatures. Here are five tips we learned from the article to keep all athletes active outside and out of the hospital:1. Take the intensity or duration of your workouts down a notch for two to three weeks.

The other teams that have moved up to Camp III are: Adventure Consultants, Alpine Ascents International, the Croatian Womens Team, the Finnish Ranger Club, Himalayan Experience with Russell Brice, IMG, the Singapore Women, Jagged Globe, Peak Freaks, Summit Climb, 7 Summits Club, and Lhotse-Everest Traverse.To see a full layout of where teams are located on the mountain, check out Alan Arnettes blog.Adventure replica Tag Heuer WAF2111.BA0806 Men's Watch Consultants predicts that the first Everest summit of the 2009 season from Nepal will happen tomorrow (May 5), and this will be mostly a Sherpa team from the three largest expeditions on the mountain. This small window will be followed by a period of relatively high winds in the summit region, and the first large-scale ascents could be approximately one week later.Aileen Torres

It takes that long to get acclimated to the heat. Once you are, you can gradually ramp up your workouts again.2. Triple whammy: try to stay in the shade, take more frequent breaks, and wear breathable, light-colored clothes. These actions should replica Tag Heuer CAF1111.BA0803 Men's Watch all help keep your core temperature down.3. Stay hydrated--before, during and after your workout. Try drinking 16-20 ounces of sports drink an hour before, and four to 16 ounces every 15-20 minutes during your workout.4.


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This may be your best shot to look like a worldclass snowboarder. Beginning February 15th we'll be giving away 20 pairs of limited edition Bollé goggles signed by Olympians Lindsey Jacobellis and Seth Wescott. It's easy to win. All you have to do is:1) Follow Us on Twitter2) Send a tweet of your favorite snowboarding moment with #outsidesnow replica Longines BelleArti watches boarding included in the tweet.3) Send that tweet between Feb. 15 and Feb. 27We'll notify the 20 winners by March 9 by sending emails directly to the addresses listed on the winning Twitter accounts.

If you want to know more, read the official contest rules and restrictions. And don't forget to check out the competition, below...Gene manipulation to enhance athletic performance is now scientifically possible, and it may become the next doping replica Longines BelleArti watches trend, CNN reports. Researchers point to Marathon Mouse, who gained the ability to run twice as far as normal mice with a modified protein gene. While gene doping would give an athlete edge, it is potentially lethal.

It has barely undergone testing in humans, and scientists dont know how to stop a gene mutation yet. WADA, the World AntiDoping replica Tissot Belle Tonneau watches Agency, banned gene doping in 2003. The agency administers drug testing for the International Olympic Committee. Its not a stretch to imagine that theres an Olympic athletepossibly at Vancouverwho has started this new, very risky form ofgene manipulation, said WADA scientist Dr. Theodore Friedmann.For more on WADA, check out our feature on drug testing. Aileen Torres